Investment Merits

Strategic Location

Our goldmine site location is close to Tawau Town, only 15 km from the main road heading to Tawau Airport and Tawau Town. Hence it gives us a lot of cost advantages compared to the other goldmines in other parts of the world.

Low Hanging Fruits

Our gold deposits start from the Earth’s surface.

Large Unexplored Mining Land Bank

We have approximately 91% of land bank i.e. 289 hectares are not explored and hence the total gold reserves are unknown. However, we have started to mine and produce gold and silver from the two new pits namely Bukit Panjang and Bukit Botak within this unexplored area. Hence, we are certain that there are unknown quantities of gold and silver within this unexplored area.

Small Base with High Growth Potential

As a junior miner that started with a small base, we are expanding our production capacity continuously using internal generated funds to boost higher productions.

Currency Exchange Advantage

Our production costs are in Ringgit Malaysia whilst our sales revenue are tied to USD, i.e. mark to gold spot price.